Main > About us is founded on March 1, 2009 by the management of 1Moby” Company Limited. The company provides SMS Solution & SMS Aggregator service and the employment of SMS in other applications, such as for a marketing tool and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for general and corporate customer. The company has a key policy in delivering the efficient and trustworthy services over the competitive price to ensure the customer will receive the efficiency and price worthy of the service provided. Above of all, the company takes a serious responsibility to protect the security of customers’ data. The highest website security ‘SSL’ of VeriSign Inc. which is the same security system used in Internet Banking services is implemented to safeguard the customers’ data when they send messages through the website. The customer can place their confidence in the service that their data will always be protected with the reliable online security solution

Quality Over Price – Outstanding Service Rendered

Data Safety

We realize that customers’ data is a valuable asset and highly important. We have implemented high standard data security and data access procedures ‘SSL’ of VeriSign Inc. which is a trusted provider of internet infrastructure service and a leading provider of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate; the most trusted solution for online security. You can be confident that your data and your organization will be safeguarded at the same security level that is used in internet banking services

Enterprise Infrastructure

Our service is designed to enable maximum High Availability for 24 hours operation with the two-steps procedures for the full range of services

24-Hour Monitoring

We have well-trained technician available to monitor the operation of Hardware and Software including the SMS service efficiency. Our specialist team will regularly test and monitor the system to ensure the discrepancy will be instantly notified and rapidly resolved to minimize the negative impact that might disrupt our service efficiency

Specialist Team

Our service is available to respond to the customer requests for particular service required. We can provide the specialist team who is expertise in the required area to facilitate the process and fulfill your requirement. We can ensure you that our SMS service providing will bring the optimal satisfaction to you and your business